Dysfunctional Jets: Adam Gase wins power struggle as GM is ousted

If the New York Jets had decided to clean house following the 2018 season, firing general manager Mike Maccagnan along with coach Todd Bowles, it would not have registered a high number on the shock meter. After all, it was the Jets' third straight losing season.
But no, they opted to keep Maccagnan. They let him play a significant role in the hiring of coach Adam Gase. They let him spend more than $125 million in guarantees on free agents. They let him run the 2019 NFL draft, which included selecting a prospect with the No. 3 overall pick. They let him be the football boss.
"I think he's terrific at his job," Jets CEO Christopher Johnson said in late March at the annual NFL owners meetings. "He has a plan that I believe in. It's really key that he's working well with Adam."