Saints banking on Superdome advantage on road to Super Bowl LIII

NEW ORLEANS -- The Saints think there's something special about the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in the postseason, and it's hard to argue with the numbers.
The Saints are 5-0 in postseason games in the Superdome in the coach Sean Payton era, compared to 1-5 on the road (not counting neutral site games), in that same time period. If the road to the Super Bowl goes through New Orleans, the Saints will be a tough opponent to defeat.
"It's wild. It's energetic. It's beautiful," said left tackle Terron Armstead. "From my point of view, I love it. I love to look back at the crowd from behind the benches and see people screaming and going crazy, jumping. I love it, man."
But why, exactly, is it like that?
The Superdome certainly isn't the fanciest stadium, as it's the seventh-oldest NFL stadium currently in use. It's technically not even the loudest, although it ranks up there on its best days.
A 2013 attempt to set the record for world's loudest indoor stadium failed when the noise level got to only 122.6 decibels, short of the record and well short of the 136.6 that was registered at Seattle's CenturyLink Field that same year.