Griner: 'The big girls are taking over' the WNBA

Phoenix's 6-foot-9 Brittney Griner grinned at the mention of Dallas' 6-8 Liz Cambage, and vice versa. The two centers faced off in the WNBA's season opener on May 18 in Phoenix. And both were happy to have the other to go against.
"I love it, because I get to play against more bigs now," said Griner, the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2013. "When I first came out of college, it seemed like the league was maybe getting smaller. But now, it's like the big girls are taking over. And there are all different types of big players. ... I think it makes the league exciting."
Cambage, the No. 2 overall pick in 2011, played that season and 2013 in the WNBA but didn't return until this year. She echoed Griner's excitement about the talent among the league's big players.
"I love Brittney; I've watched her develop since her rookie year," Cambage said. "It's good for us going against bigger bodies more games, rather than chasing around those undersized [power forwards]. They get away with everything."