Debating Ball, Embiid, Booker and future #NBArank stars

As our annual #NBArank list hits the top 50, our panel of NBA experts breaks down the big questions from the results.
Who is primed to leap into the top 10 next? Which young players are on the verge of stardom?
And will Isaiah Thomas or Jae Crowder (both ranked in the 30s) help the Cleveland Cavaliers more this season?
Tim MacMahon, If the basketball gods have any mercy in their hearts, Joel Embiid will stay healthy. If he plays 70-plus games -- granted, a big if considering his injury history -- he will soar up the list next season. Embiid is one of the most unique talents the league has ever seen. He's a blend of Marc Gasol's skills with DeAndre Jordan's athleticism. A decade from now, Embiid could be in conversations about the best big men of all time ... or one of the most tantalizing what-if stories in NBA history.