Pelton mail: Holes in Avery Bradley's defensive game?

This week's mailbag features your questions on why Avery Bradley's defensive metrics fail to impress, what the fate of a Colin Kaepernick in the NBA might be, an scrum-like offensive proposal and more.
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"If Colin Kaepernick was a basketball player and was maybe a top 20-25 player at his position, would he be on an NBA roster?" -- Joseph Brown
I think the answer is probably yes, though with an important caveat. Some part of the Kaepernick situation is the unique nature of the quarterback position, where there's no rotation whatsoever, meaning a brighter line between starter and backup than exists in basketball. If we instead assume Kaepernick is really more like the 35th-best quarterback -- an elite backup -- he might never play a down, but the equivalent NBA player would still average 25-30 minutes per game even coming off the bench.
Certainly, the NBA has staked out a position far to the left of the NFL on social-justice issues, and the league's younger, more progressive owners and fans would work to the benefit of a hypothetical Kaepernick equivalent. Yet a cynic might note that the national anthem is the one place where the league has generally been quite conservative.